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Help & FAQ's

Payment for bookings

How do I pay for the booking?
After selecting a hotel on the website, you will be taken through a simple booking process in which you will be asked to input information, including your credit card details.  requires your credit card details to guarantee and confirm your reservation. Your card will NOT be charged until your booking is confirmed by us. Your credit card will be charged on your arrival date or specifed date on reservation conditions. If you fail to cancel your reservation and do not arrive at the hotel, we may charge your credit card with a cancellation fee as no show - normally equal to the cost of the first nights accommodation or minimum no-show fee which is specifed on cancellation policy of hotel.

What credit card details must I supply?
We require you to enter the following credit card details on the booking form; full credit card number,  expiry date, security code,  and the full name and address of the credit card holder.

What exactly does the do with my credit card details?
We do not charge your credit card; we will carry out an electronic pre-authorisation to ensure that the credit card is valid and that sufficient funds are available to cover the total cost of accommodation charge. This is standard room reservation procedure used throughout most of the world. Your credit card will be charged on your arrival date or specifed date on reservation conditions.

Under what circumstances would the actually charge my credit card?
Your credit card will be charged on your arrival date or specifed date on reservation conditions.
The only other circumstance in which your credit card will be charged is if you fail to arrive at the hotel without prior cancellation - in which case we will charge a cancellation fee which to the cost of the first nights accommodation or minimum no-show fee which is specifed on cancellation policy of hotel. (Note: if you cancel within the terms of the cancellation policy, you will not be charged a cancellation fee).

Can I make a hotel booking without a credit card?
Unfortunately this is not possible. We require credit card details (as a form of guarantee) to reserve a room.

Can I pay for the room with cash instead of with a credit card?
If you had request a transportation from us and if we arrange your transportation to hotel; you can pay to our representative with cash when you arrive at the hotel.
However, in order to make the booking we do need your credit card details to guarantee the booking.

Which Credit Cards are accepted?
We accept only Visa, Master, Diners Club, JCB credit cards.


What are Rack Rates?
A Rack Rate is the rate a hotel would offer you if you approached them directly. These are rates, which have not been discounted.

What are Discounted Rates?

All hotel rooms sold through our website are discounted, which means they are always cheaper than the rack rates. We sell a high volume of hotel rooms through our website, and this means we have strong 'buying power' with the hotels we work with. We negotiate the best rates we possibly can and we pass those savings on to you.

What is TAX (VAT) ?

All rates displayed on the website include VAT. This means that the room rate you see on the website is the total price for the room - no other taxes or service charges will be added to your bill.

Is the rate per person or per room?

All the rates shown on our website are per room, and never per person.

Are there any other charges such as additional taxes?

All the rates that you see on include taxes and any service charges. There are absolutely no hidden charges. The rate you see on our website is the rate you pay.

Is Breakfast included in the rate?

Many of the rates found on do include breakfast, but some do not. To find out if breakfast is included in a rate you need to carry out a hotel search for your chosen dates - you will then see clearly if breakfast is included by looking at Hotel Information page.  Some of hotels has different accommodation types as Half Board (HB), Full Board (FB) or All Inclusive (AI) and you will see the informations at Hotel Information page. 

Special requirements

Can I specify room location or any other requests?
At, we try our best to make your stay as perfect as possible. We realise the importance of special requests, and we do pass on any requests made through us on to the hotel. When at the 'enter guest information' section of your booking process, you can enter any special requests there. We will then pass on your request to the hotel, at which point they will try their best to accommodate your requirements, however, neither ourselves of the hotel can guarentee that your request can be met.

Can I check-in earlier than the check-in time?
This depends on the availability of your hotel. When we send your booking through to your chosen hotel, they enter your name into the system, and allocate you a room for your stay. If the room that you are booked into is preoccupied the night before your stay, then it is not possible for you to check in early. This is because check-out time for the guests before you is normally 13:00 pm, and then the housekeepers need ample time to clean your room. If the room you have been booked into is not occupied the night before your stay, then it is possible to check-in early.

Can I check out later than the check-out time?
This is not normally possible. A check-out time is in place so that the housekeepers can work to a schedule to keep all the rooms that are scheduled to be checked-out clean and tidy. It also depends on the availability of your room. If your room is booked for guests arriving after you, then you will need to check-out on time to give the housekeepers time to prepare your room for the next guests. You can request a late check-out when booking your room, and your chosen hotel will try their best to accommodate your request.

Can I leave my bags at the hotel?
For the majority of hotel, the answer is yes. Most hotels have a concierge desk where you can leave your bags before checking-in. In other hotels where there is not a concierge desk, it is possible to leave your bags behind the reception desk before your checking-in time.

Cancelling An Existing Booking

Before cancelling your booking please read carefully the cancellation policy as follows:

Cancellation policy:

Most of the hotels has their own cancellation policy. Please be sure that you read and agreed The Hotels Cancelation Policy from hotel pages.
Unless otherwise stated in the cancellation terms, you may cancel your booking without charge up to 72 hours prior to arrival. Any cancellations received later than 72 hours prior to arrival at the hotel will be subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to the cost of the first night's stay. Failure to show for your reservation will result in a no-show fee equivalent to the cost of the first night's stay.

Cancellation procedure:

After reading the cancellation policy, if you wish to proceed with a cancellation please contact us by e-mail or phone. We will reply you as soon as possible about your cancellation request  with the information about if your cancellation is accepted  with or without a cancellation fee.

What will happen if I do not cancel and do not arrive at the hotel?
If you do not cancel and do not arrive at the hotel a non-arrival fee will be charged against your credit card, normally equal to the cost of the first nights accommodation or minimum no-show fee which is specifed on cancellation policy of hotel.

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