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After-Sales Service

Receiving Confirmation Of Your Booking

I haven't received my confirmation yet, what shall I do?
If you do not receive your confirmation, then please do contact us.

Amending An Existing Booking.

How do I amend a booking?
You will need to contact us directly either by phone or email. If you wish to extend the length of your booking or add extra rooms, provided the hotel has availability, we will amend the reservation for you and send you an email confirming the new booking details. If the hotel is not able to fulfil your request we will let you know, suggesting some alternative arrangements for your consideration.
If you wish to reduce the length of your stay, this will be in accordance with the hotel's cancellation policy.
If you contact us outside our office hours ; we will not be able to let you know immediately whether your request can be fulfilled. However we will let you know as promptly as possible.

Cancelling An Existing Booking.

Before cancelling your booking please read carefully the cancellation policy as follows:

Cancellation policy:

Most of the hotels has their own cancellation policy. Please be sure that you read and agreed The Hotels Cancelation Policy from hotel pages.
Unless otherwise stated in the cancellation terms, you may cancel your booking without charge up to 72 hours prior to arrival. Any cancellations received later than 72 hours prior to arrival at the hotel will be subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to the cost of the first night's stay or minimum no-show fee which is specifed on cancellation policy of hotel.
Failure to show for your reservation will result in a no-show fee equivalent to the cost of the first night's stay first night's stay or minimum no-show fee which is specifed on cancellation policy of hotel.

Cancellation procedure:
After reading the cancellation policy, if you wish to proceed with a cancellation please contact us by e-mail or phone. We will reply you as soon as possible about your cancellation request  with the information about if your cancellation is accepted  with or without a cancellation fee.

what will happen if I do not cancel and do not arrive at the hotel?

If you do not cancel and do not arrive at the hotel a non-arrival fee will be charged against your credit card, normally equal to the cost of the first nights accommodation or minimum no-show fee which is specifed on cancellation policy of hotel.


Now that you have experienced our service we hope you have been 100% satisfied. We carefully screen each hotel before they appear on our site, and have established good professional relationships with each of them. This ensures that customers receive only the highest quality of service. Continual improvement is extremely important to us, we therefore find feedback an invaluable resource in maintaining our high standards, Please email us your feedback at:

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